Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey, guys! I'm super excited about my first video! Just as you requested, I made Spanish potatoes and I got my friend Olivia to help me. The quality was really good, but after it got uploaded, the quality got really bad. Sorry about that! Also, you might wonder about some ofthe high-pitched noises heard in the kitchen. Those were from the foster dog and my little brother. Enjoy the video, and make sure you tell everyone you know about my youtube channel and my blog!

Remember to vote on the poll! It's going to close at 10pm on Monday, so vote if you haven't already!

My friends have asked me a very important question: what does it mean do follow your blog? And when I answer, I tell them that I really don't know. When I followed a blog, my blog's dashboard gave me updates of the blog I follow. I found the updates through something called the Reading List. If you like my blog and you have a Google account, a Gmail, or a youtube account, then you can follow my blog. I don't know if you'll get updates on your Gmail, Google account, youtube account, etc, but it's worth it to show your appreciation for healthy cooking.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mushroom Challenge Update #3

Hey, everybody! I had a success in the mushroom challenge! I made delicious portobello mushroom burgers with chive and cream cheese spread served with tomato slices, raw onion slices, and mixed greens (red leaf lettuce, arugula, spinach, etc.) on a whole-wheat bun. I was focusing on trying to get it in my mouth while I ate the first half of the burger because I got this weird blue glue stuff put on my teeth at the orthodontist, so I really couldn't enjoy the tastes of the burger. Then, I cut it up into strips and ate it with a fork like my German relatives do, and I found that it was an amazing burger. A portobello mushroom burger is a burger that has a portobello mushroom cap as a patty. It sounds new and inventive, but it's more common than you'd think. The only inventive part about my burger was that I put cream cheese on it, which is something that most people would never imagine doing. So my part of the mushroom challenge has been a success! I think I'm going to end the mushroom challenge just because I have a lot of other things to do in the upcoming weeks.

I'm disappointed that no one joined the mushroom challenge. This was really a chance for you to get in the kitchen and explore with familiar, or unfamiliar, ingredients. I really don't want all of my readers to sit here and read about healthy cooking without doing anything. The best way to learn is by doing it yourself, and by using lots of different tactics to learn from. That's what I'm really trying to get at. This blog isn't just for me, it's for you. I'm writing about food, emailing people about food, creating hands-on opportunities for people to cook food, and I'll soon be making a video on how to make food. Please, just get your hands dirty and cook!

Everyone remembers last month's poll, right? Well, I'm filming a video with my friend Olivia to show everyone how to make Spanish potatoes! I'm filming on Friday, which probably means that the video will be up by Saturday or Sunday. Get ready to see me cooking in action!

Remember to email me if you have any questions about my blog, about developing recipes, or about food in general. You can also join my mailing list to get tips and tricks for cooking.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mushroom Challenge Update #2

Hey, everybody! I started the mushroom challenge today! It didn't go so well though...

As I stated before, I had the idea of making Enoki Mushroom Soup. I made a broth with vegetable broth and vietnamese spices. Then, after the spices had been boiled in the pot, I fished them all out and cooked some broccoli florets, green beans, tofu cubes, and enoki mushrooms in there. I served the soup over Thai rice noodles. I know this sounds good, but believe me, it wasn't. I stupidly decided that sauteeing the tofu before hand was unnecessary. Don't ever do that. Tofu takes on the flavor on whatever it is cooked with, and sauteeing and frying is the best way to do this. When I bit into my tofu, I felt like I was eating a warm soybean. Ughhh... not good. If I had sauteed it in soy sauce before hand, it might've been better. Another problem for me was eating it. The enoki mushrooms have tiny caps, so I decided to utilize the stems as well. The only problem was that the flimsy, thin stems got tangled around my braces and it took me awhile to pry them free. So overall, the first recipe for the mushroom challenge was a flop. But at least the mushrooms tasted good!

Before you start the mushroom challenge (which no one has), just know that some of these recipes will not work out. Writing a recipe is hard, and you really have to do your research. Even that doesn't make your recipe a 100% success. If you are a chef, and you have a 33% or higher success rate during the experimental phase of your recipes, then you are doing well. My success rate is unusually high; about 90%. I do make many mistakes, like adding corn starch and potato flour into a red pepper dip, boiling bland tofu, and putting wet stuff on top of crackers that causes them to get really soggy. Don't let my fail experiment discourage you from trying the mushroom challenge; everyone makes mistakes, and we all need to learn from them to succeed. I have a couple more recipes on the way too!

If you would like to join the mushroom challenge by improving my recipe, email me at and I will email you the current recipe.

Here's a photo of dinner. It looks appetizing, but looks can be deceiving:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mushroom Challenge Update #1

So.... the results are in for the poll! Now, the number of votes I have is different than what my blog says... half of my votes disappeared, and then they all came back in different numbers. The votes that came back were from some 8th graders at my school. So, Spanish Potatoes is the winning recipe with a total of 5 votes. Coconut Curry Tofu came in a close second with 4, and Beef Stir Fry came in third with 3. Poor Red Pepper Bisque has 0 votes. I will post the video within the next three weeks, and the new poll for the March video is already up.

Now, for a mushroom challenge update. No one has emailed me or actually participated (that I know of), so please, eat some mushrooms! Whole Foods has a great mushroom selection, and I recommend you check it out. And what have I been doing? I've already got 2 recipes planned out: Enoki Mushroom Soup and Chanterelle Mushroom Salmon. I also want to make some portabello mushroom burgers, but I haven't typed up a recipe for that yet. The mushrooms will replace the beef patties. I went to PCC yesterday to see if they had enoki mushrooms, but unfortunately, only a small amount came in a package with 5 different types of mushrooms. I plan to go to Whole Foods next week and pick up some enoki mushrooms there. The chanterelle mushroom dish is going to be cooked on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I didn't see chanterelle mushrooms at PCC yesterday either. So maybe PCC isn't the best place to go for your mushroom challenge, but PCC is a Washington State store. So if you live in Malaysia (yes, I know you're out there!), then this shouldn't be a problem.

Remember to start researching mushrooms and experimenting with them! The only way you're really going to learn something about cooking is getting your hands dirty and experimenting. Although reading does help, the hands-on learning is the best way to learn how to cook.