Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chicken and White Bean Hummus Wraps

Hey, everybody! Teens Can Cook, Too is FINALLY back! I'm so sorry that I took such a long break this summer. I was doing so much and it just got too overwhelming. I promise you that I'm back for the entire school year, and you'll also be hearing a lot from the team members as well. We'll be posting more videos and keeping more active on social media, so keep an eye out!

As usual, we'll be sticking with the monthly themes. This month is: Back to School! Unfortunately, school is starting, which means our eating patterns are shifting into a more structured routine. It also means there's less time to cook, making it difficult to stay healthy. I'm really trying to set a solid foundation and routine for health this fall that will hopefully carry into the remaining seasons. This theme will have everything you need as school starts again: quick lunch recipes, super quick breakfasts that you can make even when you're rushing out the door, dinners that can be prepared and eaten in a short amount of time, and so much more. 

This week, I have a quick lunch recipe. I just made this for dinner, and I can honestly say that these are the best wraps I've ever made. The best part is that you can use a rotisserie chicken from your favorite grocery store - just be sure that the chickens were raised humanely. You can also leave the chicken out to make it vegan. The recipe may also make a little extra hummus, so save it and pack it as a snack for school the next day! Enjoy!

Chicken and White Bean Hummus Wraps 
Makes 4 whole wraps/8 half-wraps 

4 organic 8-inch tortillas, preferably whole-wheat
2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken, preferably antibiotic free and fed a vegetarian diet
1/2 of a medium-sized cucumber, 
1/2 of a red bell pepper
1 cup orange cherry tomatoes, halved 
1/2 cup julienned basil 
1/8 tsp smoked paprika
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
Salt and lemon pepper/pepper, to taste 

For hummus:
1 (15 oz) can white beans, rinsed and drained 
2 large garlic cloves, peeled
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 
A pinch of smoked paprika
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 
1/4 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp dried thyme 
1/4 tsp dried parsley 
1/4 tsp dried basil 
Salt and lemon pepper/pepper, to taste 
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 

1. Combine all the hummus ingredients, except the olive oil, in a Vita-Mix or food processor and begin blending on a low speed. As it blends, drizzle in the olive oil. Gradually increase the speed to high until you reach a very smooth consistency. If you want it to be thinner, add water. Adjust the seasonings and set aside.

2. Peel the half of the cucumber that you're using. Cut it in half lengthwise, and then thinly slice it. Cut the top off of the bell pepper and cut perpendicular to the membrane, leaving a hunk of seeds behind. Thinly slice half of the pepper. Set aside with other veggies.

3. Combine the paprika, cayenne, lemon pepper/pepper and salt with the shredded chicken. Stack the tortillas on top of each other, placing paper towels in between each of them. Microwave for 15 seconds on high to heat them, making them more pliable. 

4. To assemble the wrap, spread 1/4 cup of the hummus onto the tortilla evenly with a knife or the back of a spoon. On one end of the tortilla (about 2 inches from the bottom), add the chicken, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes and basil. Make sure you have about 1.5 inches on either side to fold the edges of the tortilla in. Fold these edges in, and then fold the bottom over. Carefully roll it away from yourself, tucking the edges in as you go. Keep it as tight as possible. Once it's all rolled up, cut it at an angle down the middle. To save these for school lunches, wrap each half in plastic wrap and refrigerate. Just pop as many halves as you'd like in your lunch with an ice pack. Enjoy!

That's all for this week! As much as we all don't like going back to school, I hope you have a great first few weeks back in the classroom. Remember to make healthy food choices! Please share your recreations with me using #teenscancooktoo on Instagram, and follow us at all the social media sites below: 

Stay healthy!
- Madeline 

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